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Time travelling bunnies.

I watched it, thought the episode was nothing short of AMAZING, but couldn't think straight enough to leave an lj post. So I'm rewatching it now (and I'm really happy to) and writing down my rambles as they flood. The episode had me so glued to the screen like never before. I Jeared heaps too, both happy and sad varieties. OMG EPIC. This episode delivered.

This may be very ramble like under the cut. But we have like eight torturous months to decipher all these glorious and tragic scenes. I can't wait to fully digest this. And the potential iconnage.... *squee* they all were so beautiful.


How cool was that opening? Revisiting and extending the S3 finale scene. Evie was frakking excellent in that scene.

Jeremy Bentham. Who the fuck is that?

Sawyer: "So what's the plan, Sundance?" Heehee. Go team.

Desmond: "This is a trip wire. Move it and... boom. This is dummy wiring. If you cut the wrong one... boom. This is the multiple firing systems. You can disable one, but the next one... boom. And this battery is the power source. You disconnect it-"
Jin: "Boom."

Boom bitches! Army Des is sad!hot, is he not.

Ben surrendered an hour ago... and Locke is still outside the Orchid?

Kate is bait. Ah the whispers. How do you think those occur? Are they really good at whispering and throwing off their voices? Are they the voices of ghosts/spirits/time travellers? Are the on cassette tape and played through a megaphone? lol. Go Others for taking down Keamy's team (because Smokey didn't -_-). I'm guessing the only reason the Others are dressed in their Hillbilly get-up is solely for camoflauge. Imagine them running around the jungle in pastel colours xD. Get spotted right away.

Grenade! Okay Keamy go kick it at your lovah Omar! Omar go boom.

I think Ben runs in a more manly fashion when his hands are tied with black plastic. Any other times I've seen him run/tromp through the jungle he's just so girly.

Ah cool, the chase music is from the S2 finale where Jack/Kate/Sawyer/Hurley get zapped by the Others of of Michael's trechary.

O_O Sayid vs Keamy. Fucking badass fight! Sayid, you'll forever be remembered in LOST fan's hearts is as the baddest mother fucker we've ever seen.

Richard! Richard!Gun. Hell YES.

Aw. I always love the little moments between Kate and Sayid.

Ben: "Thank you for coming, Richard." Richard: "My pleasure." Lea: "No. My pleasure." Lolz. But seriously, I was not feeling the love between them there. Ben, Richard hates you.

Ben letting Sayid and Kate have the Helicopter was nice. I think it was sincere... but Ben was like this when he said Juliet and Jack could get on the Kahana and go home when he knew very well Locke was going to blow it up so...

Oh Grandma Dawson. asfhk is Walt there? Shit! Yay. Kinda large for a 13 year old Walt but hey good to see him back. Hopefully he'll feature more in S5. Aw, no one came to see him :( Understandable though.

The lie is to protect everyone who didn't come back. Walt: "Like my Dad?" Ah okay. I wonder if my feelings over Michael will change in this ep - when he dies.

Haha Sawyer likes the crackers. Hurley conveniently leaves out the '15 year old' part :P. And aww at Hurley's thanks for Sawyer's return. "Ah. You got it." =( He can't answer, concerning Claire.

Boo yah! So glad Locke threw the whole 'gun to my head and pulled the trigger' in Jack's face. And then I was glad he said "let bygones be bygones".

Locke: "If you leave this place, that knowledge is going to eat you alive from the inside out, until you decide to come back." WORD.

Oh wow. So the O6 lie was suggested by Locke, and not an Oceanic rep.

Locke: "It's not an island. It's a place where miracles happen."

Jack: "There's no such thing as miracles."

xD@Ben paying Locke out for not being able to find the Enthuriams (sp?).

Locke: "Lie to them, Jack. If you do it half as well as you do to yourself they'll believe you."

Kinda sweet of Michael to say Jin should be outside with Sun, rather than down near the bomb. But I still don't like him for asking if Sun told anyone about him -_-

Interesting that she told Michael that she was pregnant. I guess she's on the way to forgiveness by telling Mike this. His pause was so weird though, before he smiled and congratulated her. Please tell me we're not supposed to read into that.

Smart plan with the liquid nitro. Ooh planning!Des.

Dan's back. And aww my goodness, Jules is so happy.

ShortyMiles: "May, may I eat these peanuts?" Lol. Rose is protective of peanuts.

Oh yes. Charlotte's a Dharma baby. How intriguing. That really was pure joy when she fell into the water earlier this season - she was home, rather than just excited at surviving a Helo base jump.

Haha@awkward elevator ride. Ben and Locke are deep, man.

Locke: "Is this the magic box?" Ben: "No, John. It's not."

Hehe Ben gives Locke with a video tape. It's like a parent distracting a child while they go do other things. I actually leaned forward to my laptop screen when the tape was playing though lol. I see it isn't the same cut we all saw on the S3 dvds. Eeheehee Locke's face when the tape says no metallic objects in the vault, and Ben's doing just that.

Halliwax: "will seem to disappear. But in reality..." Ah damn the rapscallion writers. That sentence would have shed more light on how far/when the island shifted.

Ben: "If you mean time travelling Bunnies, then yes." Oh man does Ben have the best quips this season.

Someone coming through the elevator. I thought, "Hell no, it can't be Keamy. Frak it's Keamy!" I really did think he had died earlier - and reasoned that the freighter didn't blow coz of a time displacement. I was wrong.

Kenny Rogers. Lol. LaPenis: "Alright. Let's get the hell outta here!" I luvs him. I want a Sawyer/LaPenis spin off. *adds that to my big LOST spin off list*

Freckles calls are back. Cuteness!

Giachinno still rocks it.

Keamy: "You better aim for the head, Ben!" True. If you wanna kill someone on the island, aim for the head.

Oh hells no, he DID NOT just call Richard Ben's boyfriend. Lol he's mine, BITCH!

Seriously, show. You made us want Keamy dead so bad, but we know he can't die until our Losties are off the Frieghter. Coolness.

Locke has balls announcing himself to Keamy. Oh Ben and his whacking stick! Ahhh AND he cut a bitch. I celebrate this stabbing and was scared to shit about the boat. Haha it's like "DIE KEAMY NO DONT DIE OKAY DIE BUT DELAY THAT FOR LIKE AN HOUR OKAY KAYTHNKBYE... IN A LITTLE WHILE."

Locke: "You just killed everybody on that boat." Ben: "SO?" Chills. You bastard. I love to hate you.

Oh geeze. I want to smish Charladay. Sweet.

Dan: "Let me guess. You're not coming with us." Juliet: "I promised I wouldn't leave until I got everyone safely off this island." Aw. This is insanely beautiful. I was impressed in part one for her not saying 'screw y'all, I'm on the boat first, I need to get off this fucking island once and for all' and letting sun go first. And now she says this and I just keep loving her more. Her promise reflects Jack's, but she's not using her promise as leverege.

Juliet: "Relax. It'll still be here when you get back." This holds so much more meaning now. Dan: "Right. Right. When I get back." Dan you suck at lying. Always. And Jules, she knows he's bullshitting so uh it kills me that she just let's it be.

Steve! (I think it's Steve lol We'll forever have Scott/Steve impairment) He's on that boat. What's his fate?

Ooh Des knows what he's doing. Oh no, he doesn't. Christ almighty he almost blew them all up then. Go Jin.

Choppa. Can someone please make a Jack/Frank/Little John icon where they keep saying "What?" lolz.

Jack was right to tell Frank to keep looking for the boat. No use landing on the island where there's no fuel. Aw Hurley feeling bad for being so heavy. Oh crap, I so called it when I saw the promo for this ep. Sawyer will jump to lighten the load. Big damn hero. And he kisses Kate goodbye. Make me cry why don't you.

They tossed out lots of equipment. If Dan's still in the water/back on the island his gear will probably float back to him.

For a second I thought the guy in the car at Santa Rosa was Jeremy Bentham. But then Sayid knocks him off so that theory went out the window fast. The guy dies at 8:15 dun dun dun.

Bentham. Sayid: "They say it was suicide."

Camera focuses on a chair. I thought Hurley was playing with Jacob. Then he says EKO? Frak. This show rocks (and can keep a character on screen without actually being on screen and paying the actor lol).

See, Locke isn't so crazy. He wants Keamy to live so our guys on the boat will live.

Oh fuck. Jin is the one who is in the shot when the bomb light goes red. Bad sign. I thought in Ji-Yeon that he was really dead and believe he is after seeing this ='(

Did anyone else get the 'rat in a maze' deeling when Des ran through the freighter?

That liquid nitro has the initials 'JB' on it. I dunno if they're supposed to or not, but I thought it was cool considering Locke's alias. Wow it was hectic in this scene. Great.

Michael. Okay so I'm turning around on where I stand with him. Him staying there to die while everyone else (the losties, and not the freighties oddly enough) leaves is redeemable. But not completely. I'll never let him off for Ana-Lucia.

Christian: "You can go now, Michael." asrufh3i2872;;

OH FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK! I don't see how Jin could have gotten off in time, or the people who tried to get off another way. YUNJIN KIM just killed me. I cried so hard.

Sun's in London. And Ji-Yeon is old enough to say Mum awwwww. Wheee Alan Dale. Spying on Widmore? I thought she was gonna kill him, blame him and her Dad for Jin's death. Or blame her Dad and Michael. Or her Dad and Frank. Anyway, how calm is he - considering he would recognise her as an 815 survivor.

Sun: "You and I have common interests. When you're ready to discuss them, call me." Holy shittt. Sun on team Widmore. Is it a real deal team or will she try assassinate him later? Ooh she's luring him with Ben (I'd say, and I wonder how she knows about him not being there anymore). Season five is going to be massive. Sun and Sayid circling around each other. Ben vs. Widmore.

Ben: "Sometimes good command decisions get compromised by bad emotional responses."

Ben (after bault explosion): "I better change." Why? Coz you peed yourself or you're gonna where the Dharma parka?

Oh fuck. Jules is on the beach with Rum. Oh noooooooooooooooooo. Her hopes are just gone. Look at that expression. And Sawyer's gonna come out of the water isn't he. Wow Sawyer and Juliet are set to wallow in their loss of Jack and Kate aren't they. Oh FUCK. I am BEYOND SAD. She can't leave! The boat fucking blew up and she can't even cry. She's past shattered. (She'll be like Desmond was before. And like Jack is in the future without her.) How fast did she get drunk. She's just...

Sawyer: "What are ya celebratin'?" Juliet: "I'm not celebrating." Sawyer: "That our boat?" Juliet: "It was." FUCK.

Ben: "I'm sorry I made your life so miserable."

Ben: "You'll find a way, John. You always do."

Crocodile Locke theme is playing. Awesomesauce.

Richard: "Hello, John. Welcome home." O_O

Dude, secret passageway behind the vault. Should. Have. Known. :P


That noise... sounds like a variation of what we heard when the Swan blew. Everyone can hear it and it's not hurting. Richard seemed to look like it sounded familiar.

Watching Ben push that wheel and cry - I did feel for him.

Oh shit son. The island really did disappear! Did it actually move physically or did is it rendered invisible and intangible because it's forward/flowing in time? *brain asplosion*. Gods this is goooooood. Where the frak are the peeps on the raftie thingy? Did the island suck them in and took them with it?? Holy guacamole this is insane. Where will the chopper land? And Desmond... what will happen? He aint an O6. Those shots underwater were cool, quiet and then chaotic, like an omage to the original crash. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ohhhhh who else was completely shitting it when Des wasn't breathing? Thankyou for CPR Jack!

That backwards!caller on the phone. It sounded a tad like Sawyer but I'm thinking it's Christian's voice. When Kate went running for the closet I knew it was for a gun. I saw blonde hair and I went 'no fucking way, Juliet isn't there' Then I had a 'DUH' moment when we saw Claire. Wicked. WTF moment! I didn't think we'd have a Claire sighting in the finale to be honest. Glad we did. And yep I still think she's dead. Or somehow dream projecting. She doesn't want Aaron to go back to the Island. That's so strange. Maybe the warning from the past really did mean not to be 'raised by an other' *shrugs*

Hurley: "Is he okay?" Kate: "He's fine. It's a miracle."

Locke did it. I'm trying to understand how Jack wont open his mind to all that he's seen. I'm trying not to Jack bash here. I just don't get him when it comes to things like the island disappearing, or the smoke monster, or mind-time-travel. It just astounds me.

And Juliet. Kinda underused in this ep. And fuck, you'd think Jack'd have a reaction to leaving her behind. They did have something *Lea wallows with Dharma Rum*

A boat! Wow. I was wondering how the hell they were gonna be rescued. Good, Jack. Coming around and using Locke's wish to lie. I mean, I don't think they should but I think they should. Honourable and dishonourable you know. Hey those guys sound familiar. !!!Are they the arctic guys? OMFG Penneh! She followed Daddy.

Desmond: "I love you Penny. And I'll never leave ya again." ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Oh Sun4Jin :( Kate4Sawyer :(. Des' blue shirt is gone lol. Frank! No we want to see you again LaPenis.

Jack: "Well I'll see ya in another life, Brother." Des: "Aye." FTW.

So they really did come ashore at Membata.

Jack and The Pixies. Cool :D. Ahahaha Hoffs/Drawlar. So this is a revisited flash too, Jack went back after hours and breaks in. My figurative money was on Ben this whole time. Okay so not Ben. Does Ben have a case of Vampyrism?

So some really bad shit goes down on the island. Can't wait to see the survival games. Way to lay on the guilt by saying it was Jack's fault for leaving. Ben telling Jack that he heard Jack wanted the planes to crash... has Kate been talking to Ben? And when did Jack see Ben off island before? He didn't seem surprised (apart from the inital startle). Who is in the god damn coffin. "All of you". Who is all if Hurley and Sayid were male and already mentioned? OMGWTFLOCKE??? NOFUCKINGWAY!!! HOLY FUCK ITS LOCKE. And if he came to see each of them, does that mean he could travel to and from the island at will? Or was it a projection of some kind? Is he really and truly dead?


Where is my mind. Where is my mind. Wherrrrre is my mind. In the water, see it swimmin...........
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