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So Wednesday night the internet just stops working. I thought it was just my laptop but all the comps in the house weren't working. We tried for two days to get through to our internet provider but we couldn't get through for some reason. We got through yesterday and they said something about the whole network in our area going down. The today when my bro called them again while I was out they said our password was wrong - and so we typed in what their computers said it was and now it's working. Not happy Jan. I mean, none of us needed the net since Wednesday, luckily, but we wanted it :P. And I wanna know how our password was changed anyway, none of us did it -_-. I was starting to make a comeback on a site (I'm looking at you ADA) and how convenient that I couldn't access the net the last few days. Geeze. I want to be entirely bitchy right now but we got the net back and I have Pixies (best of) and a BRMC album to listen to.. so.. not all bad.

So yeah, if anyone was wondering where I was, I was right here. Just couldn't connect. Psh.
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