Smokin' Aces // Smokin' Nestor

I hired a few movies today, and one of them had to be Smokin' Aces. I didn't think it would be that great but (LOST Squee) Nestor Carbonell, Matthew Fox and Kevin Durand are in it; not to mention Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds and Chris Pine :D.

My initial thoughts were right, it wasn't that great :P. That said, it definitely had it's moments of lolz and "this is nuts". I'll say more, but I'll put it behind the cut so I don't spoil anyone who hasn't seen it (and some hawt pics of Nestor from Cane).

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I think his chest was waxed/shaved a few weeks before this coz he's not so hairy :P. I only watched a few minutes of Cane and just didn't like it. It seemed like a prime-time length soap opera. So glad it was axed, and so glad he's back on LOST. Here's 9 damn fine pics of him semi-nekkid, one promo shot, and one of him as Batmanuel which makes me laugh like a grinning idiot.

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So who else thinks that someone should strip Richard Alpert's shirt off and have many gratuitous shots of him, Sawyer, Jack and Desmond on the beach?


Zomg *just saw how many comments she got for her 4x12 icon batch* Other icon makers get way more than this, but for me, it's a lot. *G* I'm gonna go read and reply to those :D after I watch the two parts of the BSG S3 finale. I downloaded all of S3 (except the first ep coz I can't get it as a single file :() in about a week. Very bad Lea, eating up the downloads. ...I couldn't help it. The Cylons made me do it (A).


Yay I finally started to make icons for 4x12 :D. But I have a feeling the finished batch will be plenty so it'll probably take me a little while to complete. In the mean time have a looksie at these 10 out of 36. I'm so happy about simple and pretty these first five turned out to be :D.


I'm gonna go watch BSG 3x14 now. My head is really tingly & weird now - must not attempt icons with a sore head, makes for uninventive shiz.

*almost runs around like a mad woman*

lostchile found these outtakes from the most recent Lizzie Photoshoot. You can see them by clicking. ksdfhau342324$3l;;; 18 pictures! ♥ ♥ ♥

Unfortunately they're not full size or quality, but who knows, maybe in a few days lostchile will have the HQ versions.

I was going to jump onto JJF to post the link (though it probably has been already hehe) but I think my cookies have expired. I have to log in, and again I've forgotten my password lol. It'll come to me by the end of the day, hopefully.

ETA - okay Casee told me bigger versions can be found here *dies*

Also, have a lolcat or 3.


Heeh, it has manners.


Can we have egg & spoon races?

I haven't been around LJ much lately. The last couple of days I've felt pretty worn out, especially yesterday. It was like I was moving in slow-motion and for no apparent reason just kept feeling like I was going to cry. Today is better, but not great. I finally have a check in with a Doc so we'll see what happens. It just sucks, the two weeks prior to this one I was feeling pretty good - I was hoping it would stay at that level and just keep getting better. I should have gone back to work earlier this month, technically, but I'm still not feeling right enough to attempt that. I don't really want to go back there anyway (but I would if I was healthier, I'm not a slacker) so I've been looking through the job pages but there's nothing really I can do simply because the fatigue/confusion I get sometimes. I just want to beat someone up. Instead, I had to live vicariously through Starbuck as she fought Apollo at the dance in S3 BSG. We had plenty of download credit left and the new cycle doesn't start for another day or two so I thought I'd burn through it instead of waisting it. Watched 3x02-3x13 of BSG during the last two days, and also finished up a batch of 49 Eggtown icons. Couldn't be bothered iconing the whole ep, or even attempt a batch for part one of the LOST season finale. Maybe I'll give it a go later on in the week, considering parts 2 & 3 don't show until next week :(


("Not Guilty")

Will we be seeing Jacob and Hawk (& Rick) any time soon?

So I may have gone out searching for John Terry pictures after seeing this week's LOST and instead found links to one of his movies from the early 80's. It looks terrible LOL but oh my lords is he pretty :D. But he's got some not so pretty hair going on :P. ZOMG could Richard be the Elfin Bowman? :P

Trailer for HAWK the Slayer. And the laughable first few minutes of the film.

"Two blood Brothers. With only blood between them." Hahaha now I wanna see Jack & Claire (or Ben vs Charles) face off on the Island. With Swords of the Mind. And Magic *g*


ETA - Okay up until seven minutes ago I had no idea what Rickrolling was. I know. Where the Hell have I been? I'd say I was on the Island, but... even they know.