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I saw a sight unseen

I'll see you in another life.

The ducks in the bathroom are not mine.

Lea. Previously known as midnightelement 22. Australian. Female. Half Philippine. Descendant of many nationalities. Walking oxymoron. Serious. Witty. Smart. Sporty. Dreamer. Romantic. Randomnist. Perfectionist. Casual. Libra. LOST obsessed. RPer. Occasional graphic maker. Currently in love with Robert Carlyle. Currently in awe of Elizabeth Mitchell. My laptop res is 1280x800 so any of my work seen on a lower res monitor obviously wont appear as intended, sorry. My graphix journal is imoutsidethebox. LJ layout by minty_peach. LOST mood theme by lidi.

Silver Screen/RulesShiny People/Ships

LOST. Alias. Arrested Development. Veronica Mars. Ally McBeal. Brothers & Sisters. Stargate. Stargate: Atlantis. Supernatural. Earth 2. Gilmore Girls. Private Practice. Boston Legal. The Office [US]. Weeds. Charmed [S1-S3]. Avatar: the Last Airbender. Futurama.

Rules: You are free to take any icons/art that I make. All I ask is that you upload it to your own image servers if using online (hotlinking is the devil!), credit 6degreesoflea or imoutsidethebox, and leave a reply in the appropriate post. Comments will make me happy xD. You can't pass my work off as your own, or manipulate them without asking getting my permission; I bite, but have no fear, I wont bite you.

Elizabeth Mitchell. David Anders. Jensen Ackles. Henry Ian Cusick. Josh Holloway. Holly-Marie Combs. Lauren Graham. Kate Walsh. Kristen Bell. Neil Hopkins. Wentworth Miller. Claudia Black.

Jack & Sam [SG1]. Daniel & Vala [SG1]. Jack & Juliet [LOST]. Kate & Sawyer [LOST]. Desmond & Penny [LOST]. Luke & Lorelai [Gilmore Girls]. Mulder & Scully [The X-Files]. John & Elizabeth [SGA]. Sydney & Vaughn [Alias]. Alonzo & Julia [Earth 2]. Nancy & Conrad [Weeds].


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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Muse. The Cardigans. The Superjesus. Foo Fighters. Garbage. Gomez. Massive Attack. The Howling Bells. Our Lady Peace. Bush. Keane. The Butterfly Effect. The Corrs. Coldplay. Doves. Powderfinger. The Prodigy. Eskimo Joe. The Fray. Snow Patrol. José González. Limp Bizkit. Lostprophets. Placebo.
Top LOST episodes
Pilot. The Long Con. One of Us. The Constant.
& other shiz
+Sayid has a Masters in in Ass Kicking and a PhD in Badass Motherfuckerology from the Jack Bauer Institude of PWNAGE.
+I since have enrolled there.
+Elizabeth Mitchell is my idol.
+She's also the only woman in the world I have a girl-crush on.
+Ian Cusick/Desmond Hume can be my Constant.
+Desmond Hume IS LOVE.
+"Constant" should now make the use of the word "Valentine" obsolete.
+Chocolate is my favourite food.
+Thank Gods I have a great metabolism.
+I like Ice-cream, too.
+I want a bowl of it now, dammit.
+Goodwin would know a thing or two about ice-cream.
+...When he was alive, of course.
+Some day hopefully Jack will eat ice-cream in bed too.
+This is no longer about me.
+[/end other shiz]

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A sample of my work: click this.

Credit where credit is due:
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LOST-Media Gallery / EM Net / EM Fan / Me

I am a moderator and assistant game runner to RPGs at www.midnight-shadows.org Here is an advert for an amazing RPG, "Eternal Conflict". We'd love to see you there!

Eternal Conflict
    In a world, once like ours, a war has been raging for millennia. Its true origins have long become legends and fairy tales; peace is a word without meaning as the kingdoms continue to clash. Now it is up to you to change this world's fate forever.

    Three kingdoms, six peoples, countless races. And yet, it’s all one world. Fivethousand years have passed, throwing a once highly sophisticated world back into a feudal system of regents, peasants and those bowing to no one. The conflict is ever present, breaking out and demanding lives upon every chance as several forces in this world conspire to gain the upper hand and unite the different kingdoms under a single crown.
The RPG:
Eternal Conflict; created in 2007

Game Description:
Hi-fantasy drama, magical / supernatural,
half free-form, half guided

Message board
creation of a user account is mandatory


Average Age of the Players:
approx. 17-25 (Minimum Age: 13)

Original, player-made characters;
influenced by many fandoms (allows for chars such as Angels, Vampires, Dragonriders, Death Knights, etc.)

Starter Links
Introduction of Eternal Conflict (Board FAQ)
Data on Eternal Conclict
Playing forums of Eternal Conflict

The Kingdoms:
L’Empyrea (Celestials & Morlocks)
Thornlands (Bloodshadow & Scourge)
Southlyn (Magi & Renegades)
    The Celestials are creatures once modelled after religious images in hope to end the war as quickly as it had begun. The Bloodshadow followed, a multitude of races that seem to stem from the darkest dreams of mankind. The Scourge paid the highest price, no longer alive but unable to move on, they are stuck in a world that neither wants nor trusts them.

    Then there are those closest to normal humans: once oppressed, the Renegades fought their way to freedom now defending their settlements against those meaning them harm. The Morlocks is a society of underground dwellers. A strange kind of people little is known about.

    And last but not least, the Magi – the oldest of them all. Once – when magic flooded this world – they claimed leadership over all and had to watch as while the centuries passed others tried to pry that power from their hands. With the deepest ties to magic, they come closest to what we know as immortal; and it is what makes them dangerous. The bored minds of those who have not only one but hundreds of lifetimes at their disposal to make those of others living hell.

We offer a tool that allows you the creation and playing of several RPG characters (incl. global display of a biography, AI in every post, etc.) without need for more than one user account. We mostly focus on supernatural RPGs which range from battle to freeform and open to guided.
Join this RPG now; and make your own characters, plots and storylines in a world that’s big enough to offer something for everyone. We're waiting for you, so hop on over to Midnight-Shadows.org and become a member today; it's free and only takes a minute.